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Mutual respect

« People think we had a love-hate relationship. Well, I did not love him, nor did I hate him. We had mutual respect for each other, even as we both planned each other’s murder. » Werner Herzog

Our experience as a human beings living in a complex world is essentially an experience of relationships.

Our relationships with the others usually takes an imaginary frame , a state of "Mutual Respect"respect

Mutual respect simply means to have deep, intimate respect in your relationships & this respect maintained later by more trust, honesty &patience…

But actually this is not the mutual respect I am talking about.

In another view mutual respect can be considered just a frame to have anything other than respect towards other people. we can consider it some kind of lifestyle or a "trademark" of civilized societies.

On one hand you talk to the other person, laugh with him , discuss common concerns.

On the other hand you don’t care at all about listening to his silly talking , haveNo Conact a disgusting sensation of his personality & never have the intend to share with him your deep feelings.

There’s only one major thought in your mind

"How to make the best use of him (the specified one )?"

Overall it’s a good way to deal with the other behind a mask hiding your true motives, it hides all the words that carry no respect at all.

Much lies, a lot of deception even deep hate & much meanings that lie beneath our special " Mutual respect "

You can abuse others, use anyway to achieve your goals Abuse

The other is just an object to achieve more prestige and respectability in front of the society , you can go more further using bright words , pretend to have principles even in the name of god you react only to reach your tight self benefit.

You still can be good , only to the degree the world & the circumstances allows. Without any kind of fear otherwise the increasing fear to face your own self.

With some deep analysis to that general view , we can conclude a lot of things :

1st mutual respect means you never have to feel respect towards anyone or thinking about him as a person at all.

2nd mutual respect is a naked (true) reflection for the absence of your own self-respect & as a deep state of self deception.

The entire word itself (mutual respect) is controversial because

Its not mutual at all ,its self limited ; nor its any kind of respect its disrespect.Fight till death

And you know the animals before they fight severely till death ,they still can show similar kind of mutual respect.

3rd also inside this same relationships ,there’s more of over mistakes’ such as you never assume the other are subject to variation .so you tend to form beliefs based only on your own prejudice & character assessment

Ignoring the fact that a person character may change overtime.

4th the last thing is about our own selves ,if we looked deep inside our lives ,most of us shall find reasons to recognize that some of the beliefs by which we lead our lives are built on fragile foundations .

Such an example is to think more about that so called "self benefit" as a principle & the closed circle that the person seeing himself as the centre of it , et…


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