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« we are never deceived ,actually we deceive ourselves  »

( Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe )

Its not like any other books , this one is about a life "an unfinished life" .

And its not that kind of books meant to be read or to open, its made to be hidden, unidentified by the eyes of others . It stays deep even further than what you can imagine , at a dark corner of the human personality,where there is no light anymore.

Its black ,but not in color "in content" ,

Even its pages are so bright,the words are clear ,memorable & have the power , the effectiveness on the humans by a ways u cant imagine..

The characteristic thing in it,is the letters, the word ’s letters. Its sharp ,even it looks like it can hurt deeply , just by a simple touch.

The pages of this books are wide, the sentences inside have a some kind of mysterious arrangement.

The 1st few sentences are randomly written, just general descriptions or even have no meaning in other times .

Those sentences became later more meaningful , more serious and the most notable thing, they looks resistible to any modification.

At the opening of each new page at that book, there ’s always a new title , a name , someones name .after it written a lot of sentences , detailed information about that name put in strange arrangement, and the number of sentences varies according to the mentioned name.

On the 1st page of the book , came the most remarkable thing.

As the title of the page, it refers to the owner. In this page everything,every small detail about his character, this page looks full of details,longer than any other page in that book & there is some little words are seen in this page,written in small letters and unexplained language. Looks like they are not wanted to be seen, even by the book’s author.


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