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Perhaps ,this is not what we are used to see.book

The world with all of this darkness, this madness , but unfortunately this is the fact.

People need something to live for

“ a meaning ”

Whatever it is , something deserves.

But we had just forgotten a little thing , it’s the life that gives us the rule " a tightly conditioned ultimate rule " , its what I call the reward rule, the prize you asking for doing the act .

There is one little thing about that rule, it keeps you unsatisfied in either ways , as best explained by the economist magazine**," The capitalistic world can make a society rich & keep if free ,don’t ask it to make you happy as well "..

you cant ask about the quality of life..

Through the time , in this endless RACE , people lose their morals & their own souls just a single part by part, ye you got messed even that you forget what’s the meaning you was seeking by doing all of this.

It became all about the rewards, the price & who can take much..

A mans said " its just one time to live ,so take whatever your hands can reach "

Deeply inside people ,grow that darkness ,that ultimate darkness. it takes any lightleft around.

Don’t u know ?!

Its nature , the black holes can swallow whatever number of huge stars.

Finally , you can find those people, who don’t seek for anything logical or make sense.

They don’t want anything more than thatseptember-11-world-trade-center

To watch the world burn

Throwing all the morals ,any meaning for life away.

In 1934 cioran*** wrote :

"The silence & nothingness of death is the ultimate reality ,therefore the immanence of death in life is a sign of final triumph of nothingness over life ".

Everything is possible & yet nothing is .

All are permitted & yet again nothing.

No matter which way you go , it is no better than any other way.

Again " All gain is loss & all loss is gain "…


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